Welcome to Francesca Bimpson Foundation


Welcome to Francesca Bimpson Foundation


Welcome to Francesca Bimpson Foundation

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The Francesca Bimpson Foundation was set up following a horrific arson attack on the Bimpson family home in December 2008.

This devastating and cowardly attack resulted in the murder of three year old little girl Francesca Bimpson and the attempted mass murder of her whole family, of Mum, Dad and two Sisters and a Brother. As a result of this arson attack ,a massive murder investigation was started by Merseyside Police.

This investigation was widely covered by Crimewatch UK ,This Morning, Jeremy Kyle and is the subject of a film called Nightmare in Suburbia (Burning Jealousy) and was featured as a main story all over the mass media and television ,radio.

This resulted in the arrest and conviction of 43 year old Graham Heaps at Liverpool Crown Court and he is now serving a minimum 28 years for the murder of little Francesca and the attempted mass murder of her family following this arson attack.

After this horrendous and cowardly attack the Bimpson family ,not only had to cope with the loss of their precious little girl Francesca, but they also lost the entire contents of their home including everything they had every owned from sentimental items to domestic appliances also clothes these were all destroyed in this horrific deliberate fire.

The family appealed for help, whilst they lived in unfurnished temporary accommodation and were extremely grateful for the generosity and kindness shown by the people of Merseyside and throughout the region.

Francesca’s father, uncle and a group of trustees formed Francesca Bimpson Foundation, a Registered charity in England and Wales 1140494.

This charity was established for the creation of a one stop shop of support for all victims of serious crime in Francesca name and memory.

Providing facilities including Respite, Rehabilitation, Advice, Guidance, Support and Awareness to individuals and families affected by serious crime.


The Francesca Bimpson Foundation Support & Resource Centre has now opened on Lansdown Way,Huyton. L36 9YB Francesca Bimpson,s father,Kieron( ABOVE centre),at the opening with ltr Marie Wallenfang(Trustee),Firefighter Andy Curtis(Community fire safety officer-Huyton),Gerard Bimpson(Brother),& Patrice McCarthy(Sister).

A CENTRE to help victims of serious crime opened on Merseyside as the legacy of a little girl killed in an arson attack on her home.

The Francesca Bimpson Foundation Support and Resource Centre

UNITS 15 and 16 Landsdowne way,Huyton Village ,Huyton, Liverpool L36 9YB
Is open on Monday –Friday 9.00am till 4.00pm

for all Victims of Serious Crime will become a “one stop shop” to help those affected by appalling crime, said Kieron Bimpson, the dad of the tragic three-year-old.

Francesca was fatally injured when an arsonist set fire to her family’s home on Norwood Grove, Everton, in December 2008.

The tot died in hospital on December 23, and since then Kieron has dedicated himself to fundraising activities in her memory.

The idea for the support centre, which is on Landsdowne Way, Huyton, came from his experience in dealing with grief after such a horrendous crime

“The support centre came about after what I thought were the things people most need after losing someone to a serious crime.

“You could really say I’m the first client, because setting this up has helped me, and I want to pass on the contacts I’ve made and knowledge of how to navigate through the different support agencies.

“We want somewhere people can come and be given help, whether that is counselling, help with filling in forms Housing applications or making arrangements with different agencies or just somewhere to find someone who will listen.

“In that kind of tragic situation, you find yourself in a void, the support is very fragmented, and I wanted it to be available in one place.”

The centre is painted bright pink, Francesca’s favourite colour, and consists of a foyer area where those who need to access the services can register, and a private councelling suite, called The Princess Suite, where counselling sessions can take place.

It is funded by the Francesca Bimpson Foundation, the charity set up in the wake of the tragedy to raise money in Francescas name and memory .

Every year a number of events take place, and Kieron said he hopes to open other centres if there is a demand for such services all under one roof.

He said: “We all hope serious crime doesn’t happen, but unfortunately it does, and when it happens people need help.

“If this proves to be something that helps people, we’d like to open more centres in other parts of Merseyside and beyond.”

The support centre also has the backing of Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service, who have worked in partnership with the family since the tragedy.

Myles Platt, area manager for Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service, said: “We fully support Francesca Bimpson’s family in setting up the charity and we will help in any way we can.

“We will work with the charity to raise awareness in the hope of preventing death and serious injury through deliberate fire setting.”

A GALA night raised £4,000 to officially launch the foundation dedicated to a little Francesca.

The event, was held at the city’s Adelphi Hotel to raise funds for the newly-formed charity.

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